Orangina Sexy Back

sexy orangina deerSo I just returned from vacation in Paris and the UK. Yes, I am a lucky gal.

Anyway, I was struck by these weird Orangina ads. Each one has a sexualized animal on them. Some are women, like the big-busted deer at left, and some are men. All are physically fit to the extreme and their bodies are human but they have animal hair and animal heads.


A sexy deer or manly bear isn’t going to make me rush out to spend 2 Euro on a bubbly orange drink but maybe I’m just too American to get it.

These ads were made by an agency called Fred & Farid in Paris.  Check out some other Orangina work here. The TV ads are funnier than the outdoor. I guess you have to see the TV ads to get the context but I didn’t see any TV ads for Orangina while I was there but I sure did see a lot of outdoor. These guys apparently have a thing for sexy animals.

Wish I could get a client like that. So the idea is that there’s this whale that’s a pregnant woman and she’s worried about her weight…

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