Duck and Cover

ducks in summerducks back 2 school

So, every day when I drive to work I take Bicknell down to Main Street in Santa Monica because it gives me a clear view of the ocean and every day I can see the ocean is a good day. Anyway, there’s this house that has two plastic ducks out front, where the mailbox normally is placed, and the owner dresses these ducks in custom-made outfits. I walked over there yesterday to take a photo of the ducks, who were dressed in the lovely beach outfits on the top. I met the owner’s tenant who is a lovely guy and we chatted for a bit and exchanged cards. Today, he emailed me to tell me that the outfits had been changed to a back-to-school theme, complete with cheerleader ducklings (which you can’t see in the photo above). I love that this lady does this for the sole purpose of entertaining herself and the passers by.

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