What the doody were they thinking

Check out the new campaign for Quiznos by WongDoody . I’m all for putting cats in advertising. In fact, that’s one of my goals for 2010. However, the spot has to be entertaining. This one is just weird. Clearly, they’ve been influenced by rathergood.com, who popularized the Viking Kittens series, but the hook of that series is that it’s cute kittens juxtaposed with hard rock. There’s no irony and the kittens take away from the message, which is $4, $3, $2 sandwiches. If you look at the press release it’s clear they also want user-generated content. Unfortunately, I think this is a classic case of the client and/or agency wanting to put everything but the kitchen sink into the concept. Also, apparently they created the concept and produced it in a week. Next time, spend some money on music licensing and kill the part about using the UG content in the ad campaign.

Quiznos still with kittens

Quiznos still with kittens

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