When Bad Photoshop Happens To Bad People

Photoshopped BP image

Photoshopped BP image

OK, so let’s say you made a big boo-boo and dumped a gazillion gallons of oil into the sea. You’ve guaranteed that the world’s eco-system is permanently changed due to your mistake. You’re trying to manage the situation, right? Hmmm … maybe photoshopping the images you post on your website isn’t the smartest thing to so. But maybe you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Someone from AmericaBlog discovered that images posted to BPs website had been altered. They discovered the error by looking at the meta data of the images. BP says that what they did was to insert images onto screens that were blank in the original photo. Perhaps that’s true but it makes me, and possibly many other people, wonder what else they’ve faked. Like maybe the cap really isn’t in place and they’ve just sent out a video image of a previous capping experiment they did. Their stupidity and arrogance is truly staggering.

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