What’s Wrong With Football? It’s Not The Refs.

football with flamesI’ve been a football fan since I was a kid. I love it, but what’s going on now is ridiculous. No, it’s not the referees that are ridiculous. Those folks are doing the best they can in a bad situation. The problem I have is with the coaches (many of them, anyway). Football is SUPPOSED to be about sportsmanship. Most of the coaches are seeing that they can get an advantage by intimidating the refs and pushing the players to play dirty. Their ethics are astonishingly bad, and the league should be ashamed of itself for letting this go on.

Belichick should be fined. The Harbaugh brothers need to shut up And Pete Carroll? Sorry to you USC alums out there but the only reason that man is coaching in the NFL is because he cares more about himself than the players and he had to get out before the sanctions were imposed. And shame on ESPN for allowing Jon Gruden to go on and on about how bad last night’s game was. When he was coaching, he was a master at

stomping along the sidelines and screaming foul when one of his players stubbed a toe but he pushed his players to play dirty. Mike McCarthy deserves a big, fat THANK YOU for bringing his players back to defend the final point. That’s sportsmanship.

Those of you who know me well know that I have thing about ethics. I believe the only way society gets better is if we all raise ourselves up just a little bit. Professional sports is America’s currency in the world. There is no leadership in the NFL right now, and those of us who are fans need to stand up and start howling for what’s right. Let’s reward the people who are in the game for the love of the game. In my book, those folks are the sub refs who are doing the best they can. Roger Goodell, and all the networks that broadcast the games, need to show some leadership now.

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