Hip Hop Peanut Buttah

Reeses Hip Hop DanceThis is a nice promotion from Reeses.  Development must have cost them some dime, as they say, so let’s hope they are putting some media behind it.  It will be interesting to see if this is web only or on TV too.

OK, I admit it. I wanted to see how the system works so I hyped myself and now I’m ranked #14. Yeah, it’s addictive.

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Mr. Brainwash is good, real good

Mr Brainwash art wallCheck out this mural that is on the corner of LaBrea and San Vicente. It’s by a guy called Mr. Brainwash. His real name is THEIRRY GUETTA and he started out as a documentary filmmaker who followed around guerrilla artists like Shepherd Fairey. Shepherd Fairey introduced him to Bansky and Mr. Brainwash was born. Shepherd Fairey sounds simultaneously admiring and admonishing of him in this promo of his June 2008 art show here. Here’s another review of the art show (not so good). The guys sounds like he might be a jerk but the art feels like real art. Thanks to Tom Keller for sending this to me (he took the photo).

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Palin as President

Please click here. It’s so good.

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Karl est la!

karl lagerfeld with stuffed bearIf you have never seen Signé Chanel, you must, must, must. It is a behind-the-scenes documentary of the House of Chanel. The episode where they interview the old French woman who makes the braid on the jackets by hand is amazing. M. Karl is so impressive. Each piece of clothing is made completely by hand. I don’t know why but I never realized that not a single machine is used on the haute couture garments.

Anyway, just saw this on PerezHilton.com about famed German stuffed animal maker Steiff making a limited-edition Karl Lagerfeld bear. Don’t know if I have the stomach to drop $1,500 on one but it looks just like him, doesn’t it?

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Make It Disappear

USA Network package with invisible inkCheck out this post from advertising/design goodness about a USA Networks “For Your Consideration” package for Burn Notice that is done in invisible ink. The package includes a black flashlight which makes the copy appear. Pretty neat.

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