OTT Is Where Everyone Wants To Be

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Fullscreen is launching an OTT service on April 26. This is a game content distributors need to get in now. The OTT landscape is going to get crowded, and confusing, during the next couple of years, then the dominant players will shake out the weaklings. It will be Darwinian business at its best. The big question is, “If I’m paying $4.99 – $9.99 a month for nine different OTT services, how is that better than cable/satellite?” We’ll see. #OTT #Fullscreen

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What the doody were they thinking

Check out the new campaign for Quiznos by WongDoody . I’m all for putting cats in advertising. In fact, that’s one of my goals for 2010. However, the spot has to be entertaining. This one is just weird. Clearly, they’ve been influenced by, who popularized the Viking Kittens series, but the hook of that series is that it’s cute kittens juxtaposed with hard rock. There’s no irony and the kittens take away from the message, which is $4, $3, $2 sandwiches. If you look at the press release it’s clear they also want user-generated content. Unfortunately, I think this is a classic case of the client and/or agency wanting to put everything but the kitchen sink into the concept. Also, apparently they created the concept and produced it in a week. Next time, spend some money on music licensing and kill the part about using the UG content in the ad campaign.

Quiznos still with kittens

Quiznos still with kittens

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Only The Smartest People Go Into Advertising

OK, this is hilarious. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that, we’ve all worked with THAT client, we all think we’re hipper than we are. Thanks to Dan for sending this via Sam. Now go get a job!

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Ooooh, Neat, A Mobile Barcode

Nine Movie PosterI have no idea if this movie is good or not, but I know the poster is NOT good. The movie “9,” which IMDB describes as “a post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened” is being promoted in theaters with the poster at left. Theoretically, you are supposed to scan the barcode with your phone and that takes you somewhere fab. Well, it takes you a lot of places and then you end up where you started. Check out this review of the promo. Visually, the barcode is interesting because these barcodes are just creeping into U.S. use, but why not just make the whole thing look better and make whatever I’m clicking through to be worth it.

Apparently, this poster has won some sort of award but that makes me sad. Award for what? Overuse of the glow feature in Photoshop? Most clicks before getting to a relevant destination?

Yet another example of good concept, bad execution.

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Orangina Sexy Back

sexy orangina deerSo I just returned from vacation in Paris and the UK. Yes, I am a lucky gal.

Anyway, I was struck by these weird Orangina ads. Each one has a sexualized animal on them. Some are women, like the big-busted deer at left, and some are men. All are physically fit to the extreme and their bodies are human but they have animal hair and animal heads.


A sexy deer or manly bear isn’t going to make me rush out to spend 2 Euro on a bubbly orange drink but maybe I’m just too American to get it.

These ads were made by an agency called Fred & Farid in Paris.  Check out some other Orangina work here. The TV ads are funnier than the outdoor. I guess you have to see the TV ads to get the context but I didn’t see any TV ads for Orangina while I was there but I sure did see a lot of outdoor. These guys apparently have a thing for sexy animals.

Wish I could get a client like that. So the idea is that there’s this whale that’s a pregnant woman and she’s worried about her weight…

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Everything is Better in the UK

This ad from the UK is really good. Yes, it’s a rip-off of Improv Everywhere but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Have been pitching a guerilla stunt in Grand Central to clients for years but, so far, no takers.

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Make It Disappear

USA Network package with invisible inkCheck out this post from advertising/design goodness about a USA Networks “For Your Consideration” package for Burn Notice that is done in invisible ink. The package includes a black flashlight which makes the copy appear. Pretty neat.

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