Ooooh, Neat, A Mobile Barcode

Nine Movie PosterI have no idea if this movie is good or not, but I know the poster is NOT good. The movie “9,” which IMDB describes as “a post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened” is being promoted in theaters with the poster at left. Theoretically, you are supposed to scan the barcode with your phone and that takes you somewhere fab. Well, it takes you a lot of places and then you end up where you started. Check out this review of the promo. Visually, the barcode is interesting because these barcodes are just creeping into U.S. use, but why not just make the whole thing look better and make whatever I’m clicking through to be worth it.

Apparently, this poster has won some sort of award but that makes me sad. Award for what? Overuse of the glow feature in Photoshop? Most clicks before getting to a relevant destination?

Yet another example of good concept, bad execution.

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