Grammy’s Radius Is Just Wrong

Instagram unveiled a new logo yesterday. I realized this when I couldn’t find the icon on my phone (evidently I use color cues for this task). It’s not bad but the corner radius of the glyph doesn’t match the rainbow-box, and yet they are so close as to appear, well, just wrong. Medium reports the logo was done in-house. Good on them for not spending an arm and a leg to create a new icon, but I can’t help thinking the Head of Design was more interested in having a new notch on his resume than clarifying the brand identity. There’s a nice little glyph at the bottom of every Instagram page right now. Why not make that the glyph?

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We Are Big Dufus

SciFi to SyfyOK, this has got to be the best press release EVER about a company changing its logo. Basically, the SciFi channel folks admit that they can’t trademark their name so they decided to change it to something that is phonetically identical. OK, that makes sense as a business strategy but don’t give me the gory details in the press release. The press release says “Syfy — unlike the generic entertainment category “sci-fi” – firmly establishes a uniquely ownable trademark that is portable across all non-linear digital platforms and beyond…” Um, “ownable” isn’t a word. The press release makes the company sound like it’s run by a bunch of boneheads because the network has been around since 1992 and they just realized NOW that the name can’t be trademarked???

Oh, and then they introduced a new tagline which is “Imagine Greater.” Please, people of the branding world, stop creating taglines that sound dumb. We can thank TBWA/Chiat Day for starting this trend with their “Think Different” tagline for Apple. At the time it was introduced, there was a big hue and cry about how the tagline should have been “Think Differently” but now it’s just accepted to use bad grammar in ad copy. My agency does it all the time so I can’t be too judgmental about that point. However, the tagline is just plain bad. What does “Imagine Greater” conjure up in my mind? A big, fat zero. Nothing. Nada. I can’t wait to see what these folks do when the big switch happens on July 7. Stay tuned.

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