Part Deux: OTT Is Where Everyone Wants to Be

Awesomeness TV

Today’s announcement that Verizon is taking a 24.5% stake in Awesomeness TV is another indicator that the hot, barely-tethered, Millennial marketplace is where the content distributors and content creators need to be. Fullscreen has AT&T ,AwesomenessTV has Verizon, Twitter just got the rights for NFL Thursday Night Football, and Vice will eventually take over the world (or at least France). It’s gonna get confusing and then there’s going to be consolidation. It will be fun to watch everyone duke it out.

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OTT Is Where Everyone Wants To Be

person using mobile phone
Fullscreen is launching an OTT service on April 26. This is a game content distributors need to get in now. The OTT landscape is going to get crowded, and confusing, during the next couple of years, then the dominant players will shake out the weaklings. It will be Darwinian business at its best. The big question is, “If I’m paying $4.99 – $9.99 a month for nine different OTT services, how is that better than cable/satellite?” We’ll see. #OTT #Fullscreen

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Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Fred Segal logoThe brilliant folks at Bravo think that viewers want to do nothing more than watch sales assistants fight over who can sell the most stuff to people with too much money.  That’s why they are developing a new reality show based on Fred Segal in Santa Monica.  Check out the Hollywood Reporter article here.

Well, I worked in the building next door to Fred Segal in Santa Monica for four years and I went there virtually every day for coffee (the good coffee place AND the good restaurant have since closed). I’d rather watch paint dry.  No, wait, I’d rather get a root canal.  No, wait, I’d rather have surgery with no anesthesia…

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