Matthews and Olberman OUT as Anchors

No Censorship imageKeith Olberman and Chris Matthews no longer will be anchoring MSNBC’s news coverage. They will be replaced by David Gregory and the two journalists will be used as commentators. The reason behind the change is that the net feels they were too opinionated, to the left, during the Republican National Convention. Um, has anyone watched Fox news lately? Even Brian Williams gets in a righty comment every once in awhile. I bet I can tell you 90% of every journalist’s voting record. Humans are subjective. What’s wrong with a little left-leaning editorializing?? I just returned from Europe and if you watch CNN international the anchors are CLEARLY pro-Republican. It seems like censorship to me that they have removed these guys from their positions. What the Republicans are good at, and the Democrats are terrible at, are organizing and vocalizing around a cause. They get results. SOMEONE in the media should make a BIG deal about this. It’s just wrong.

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