Disaster Avoided at Pokémon World Championships

A disaster was avoided this weekend at the Pokémon World Championships in Boston, and it was due to the quick thinking and courage of several people. Two men traveled to the tournament with a shotgun, AR-15 assault rife, a hunting knife, and 250 rounds of ammunition. These dudes had qualified to be in the tournament, which is no easy feat. The moderator of a private Facebook group became concerned based on comments these guys made online, and this person told security at the tourney who, in turn, alerted the Boston PD. The tourney organizers informed everyone on Sunday afternoon, after the threat was over. Thousands of people came together to play the game they love — and they did so safely. I’ve worked with the Pokémon team for many years and it’s an incredible undertaking for them to put on all of the tournaments, especially the World Championships. Kudos to Pokémon and Nintendo for a job well done. These kinds of things can be terrible for a brand and they handled themselves expertly. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Read more about it on Motherboard and The Daily Beast. Image: Jason Koebler

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I’d like to thank the Academy…

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OK, so we won some awards. My agency (Signal Theory) won a Summit Creative Award and two Telly Awards (one for animation and one for children’s audience) for a Pokémon TV spot we did last year. We didn’t used to care about awards but then we realized clients care about awards. And then we started collecing statues and it became kind of fun. You can check out the TV spot here. Thanks to everyone for their hard work on the spot.

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