Palin as President

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Everyone Loves A Log

wooden logThe Log Cabin is a organization of gay republications. This is their official statement about Sarah Palin, “Alaska Governor Sarah Palin can help Sen. McCain win this election by appealing to independent and young voters. She’s a mainstream Republican who will unite the Party and serve John McCain well as Vice President. Gov. Palin is an inclusive Republican who will help Sen. McCain appeal to gay and lesbian voters.” Um, well, no. She is against gay marriage and gay adoption. Many people point to this article to prove that she is pro-gay. In fact, she vetoed the bill simply because her attorney general said it was unconstitutional and she didn’t want to break the law. Beware, people. Beware.

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Va-Jay-Jays Are Cool!

paintingWell, I have to admit that John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as a vice presidential nominee is brilliantly strategic, I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s trying to steal the Hillary votes by picking this gal. It pains me that I can’t support either of the two women who have paid/will pay major roles in the presidential campaign.  Just because they have the same “equipment” as I do doesn’t mean I’m going to run out to the polls and vote for them.

Speaking of va-jay-jays, I had a conversation with my gynecologist about this. She said she had to vote for Hillary because she never thought she would see a women have a chance at the presidency. That’s not a good enough reason for me. Hillary seems like she’s always giving a corporate presentation (although her speech this week was great). Sarah Palin is similar in her driving ambition. Everything she says and does seems planned to benefit her next move. Do we really want someone like that in the White House? Add to that the fact that, just last week, she wondered what the vice president does. Check out her views on offshore drilling. She’s probably invested in oil drilling companies just like Cheney has plowed millions (billions?) into Haliburton.

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