Don’t Fix What Aint Broke

Nike \

OK, kudos to Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for convincing the local Nike folks to use another tagline besides “Just Do It.”  However, to combine “Just Do It” with “Here I Am” in an ad targeting women seems, well, gross.  As both Gawker and Adrants have both pointed out it makes women sound like they’re just gonna lie down and take it.  I hope this isn’t another case of the 25 year old male art director trying to write for women or, worse still, the 40-something male CD changing the 25 year old female copywriter’s copy to sound “better.”

What’s good about this campaign is the use of animation, which was done to make the athletes more relevant to the audience, and the use of athletes who are not household names (excepting Maria Sharapova). The ads will run on the web only and there will print and, I’m assuming, outdoor as well.  No word on whether this campaign will come to the U.S.  Doubtful as Nike doesn’t put any money towards Nike Women on our shores.  See all of the ads here.

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