I’m instantgirl. As you read this blog, it will be pretty easy to figure out who I am but I prefer to keep my name off of it. This is a personal blog and my name is associated with my work. I probably will rant and rave about all kinds of things that I rarely, if ever, discuss with my workmates, clients and vendors. But maybe some of you are my workmates, clients and vendors. Oh, well, then you know me a bit better now, don’t you?

I’m originally from the east coast (New York, NY and Princeton, NJ) and I’ve lived in Los Angeles on and off since the early ’90s. I consider Los Angeles my home and New York where I’m from. I used to have a NY accent as a kid but then my folks moved to NJ and the kids beat me up because I sounded funny. I still revert to the long “a” when I’m tired.

I run my own advertising agency now and we do creative, media and branding for clients. It’s the best job I’ve ever had and even after 10+ years I still love it. I’ve worked for big companies, like Disney and Time Warner, and small start-ups. When I was a kid I liked to watch the ads as much as the TV shows. I’m a media sponge. I have a soft spot for magazines because I started out in publishing.

My husband is the creative director of our agency. He’s the most interesting person I know and I love spending every day with him. That sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I am a cat person, but all I will say is that I have more than two and less than ten.

So, there you have it. This blog will be about what interests me. That means I will discuss media, marketing, entertainment, popular culture, politics, animal issues. That sounds fairly unfocused. Hopefully it will become more focused as I write more posts. I hope to keep me, and you, interested in reading more.

To contact me, please email me at instantgirl@instantgirl.com

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